Pritam Singh, popularly known as RJ Preetam Pyare, is an Indian radio jockey for the FM station Red FM 93.5 based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.[1]

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  • 2 Career
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Personal life[edit] Edit

RJ Pritam is married to Punjabi actress, Aman Jot Singh and has a son.[2][3]

Career[edit] Edit

Radio career[edit] Edit

Pritam Singh initially started working for Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM Nagpur on the show Total Filmy. He has since switched to Red FM 93.5 and hosts the Gyarah se doh Bhabhi ka Show.

Television[edit] Edit

He has appeared in the YouTube show named 'PritamPanti' and has interviewed celebrities for Red FM 93.5 TV.[4][5] He was the second runner up of Bigg Boss Season 8.[6]

References[edit] Edit

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